Local Election Results

Here at Combe Home Care, it’s not just our community we care about, it’s our whole district. One of our Directors; Daniel Turton worked that extra bit harder this month on building a strong case for our local elections in hopes to make North Devon a better place for everyone. After a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, it all paid off!

The votes are in!

After an intense few hours of counting the votes, we are proud to announce that Daniel has been elected to represent Ilfracombe East Ward for both Ilfracombe Town Council and North Devon Council. We are certain Daniel will take his role and make the best out of it like he does with his Director role here at Combe Home Care.

Daniels Votes:

Parish & Town Council:

Surname First Names Description Number of Votes
TURTON Dan Ilfracombe First 942 ELECTED

North Devon District Council:

Surname First Names Description Number of Votes
TURTON Daniel Carl Michael Conservative Party Candidate 620 ELECTED

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this years’ elections and voted for Daniel.

If you’d like to see the overall votes or find out more information, please Click Here!

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