People We Care For

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Who Can We Provide Services To?

Combe Home Care provides a range of care services to clients in Ilfracombe. Our care and support workers can provide a wide variety of services, as required, to meet the needs of individual clients. All of our care and support staff either hold or are working towards NVQ level II or III in Health and Social Care or related studies.

Care will be provided on the clear understanding that:

  1. The needs of each individual have been carefully assessed;
  2. Those needs fall into the general classifications of care for which the company has been registered;


  • The workforce of Combe Home Care has the competence and experience to handle those individual cases calling for specialist help and support (either immediately, or following specific training).

We can provide care and support workers to support the following:

  1. Adults with physical disabilities
  2. Learning disabilities
  3. Frail elderly people
  4. People living with dementia
  5. People with long-term medical conditions
  6. People in need of rehabilitation or support following hospital discharge
  7. People with sensory impairment
  8. People who live with mental health conditions

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