Our Story

Combe Home Care started out as a small business, from the spare room of one of our Directors home; Carly Turton. In the beginning, Combe Home Care was known as Carly Cares. With enough sweat, tears, passion, and hard work, Carly worked hard to make it a limited company, with three more directors, lots of experienced staff, clients, and the newest addition; a new office.

Everyone involved has worked so hard to get to where they are now and to ensure the best care is given around North Devon and Exeter. We will continue to work on our company and our training to keep up, if not further improve our standards of care, customer service and our business in general.

We thank all of our Directors, Staff, Clients, Families and everyone else involved in making Combe Home Care what it is today and we hope you will continue this journey with us!

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